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Long Term Care Pharmacy

RxCARE Long Term Care Pharmacy

At RxCARE, our goal is to deliver the highest quality service to residents in assisted living facilities, adult care homes, group homes, and correctional facilities by providing a customized line of pharmacy services.

We realize not all facilities are alike, therefore the services we offer are based on the specific needs of the facility.

Specialized Pharmacy Services

  • Free Specialized Medication Packaging Solutions
  • eMAR/eHR Systems
  • Medication Administration Records
  • Medication Regimen Reviews
  • 24/7 On Call Service
  • Free Daily Delivery

In addition, we provide Immunizations, Compounding Services, IV Therapy and a complete line of Home Medical Equipment and Supplies.

We’ve been using RxCARE since Highgrove opened and we couldn’t be happier.

Tammy N.

Medication Packaging Solutions

Medication Packaging SolutionsThis FREE program allows the convenience of single prescription medication doses to be packaged individually or a color coded system with multiple prescription doses packaged into a series of personalized dosage cups.

Our medication packaging systems allow for proper medication management, which reduces the risk of medication errors and will produce the best therapeutic outcomes for your residents.

RxCARE can provide both Medicine-on-Time (MOT) and traditional Punch cards.

eMAR System

eMAR is an Electronic Medication Administration Records system that replaces paper MAR’s and provides your facility with increased efficiencies during your med-pass. The use of eMAR will allow your staff to focus safely on quality of resident care by reducing medication errors.

RxCARE eMAR System Providers

RxCARE partners with ACCUflo and QuickMAR eMAR systems to ensure your residents receive correct medications in a timely manner. This allows your staff more one-on-one time to provide quality care for your residents. eMAR systems can also produce significant cost savings to the facility by reducing staff hours spent on charting procedures, reordering medications and the month end process. Learn more…

Our eMAR system is invaluable! It increases our ability to provide exceptional care to our residents.

Mary J.

24/7 On Call Service

RxCARE has a pharmacist on-call for medication questions and emergency needs. We ensure resident medication needs are provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Medication Regimen Review

Medication Regimen ReviewRxCARE has expert pharmacists to complete Medication Regimen Reviews every 90 days or at the request of the facility. The review will include a comprehensive review of each resident’s chart, med cart inspection, med room audit and observation of a med-pass.

Recommendations for the facility and staff will be provided to assure excellent resident care and to comply with state compliance requirements.


RxCARE partners with Carolina Apothecary to provide professional and convenient immunizations at your facility.

RxCARE’s Trained and Certified Nurses can administer preventative immunizations to help you, your staff and your residents stay healthy and protected from preventable diseases. Our immunizations include the Flu (Influenza) vaccine, the Pneumonia vaccine and the Shingles vaccine. Learn more…

Daily Delivery

RxCARE provides daily medication delivery. Our professional delivery technicians are committed to excellence and ensure your delivery is received in a timely manner.

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